Our Vision, Aims and Ethos

With children at the heart of everything we do, we provide children with the roots to grow and the wings to fly.

Our Vision:

Working closely together with families means we put children at the heart of everything we do. Our vision is to create an enabling environment for children to learn and develop resilience, independence, confidence and self-worth. Our environment is safe, stimulating, caring and nurturing, as well as challenging, inspiring and respectful of each child's individuality and needs.  We provide children with opportunities to learn from their experiences, the experiences of others and the awe and wonder from the world in which they live. The seven areas of learning as defined in the Early Years Foundation Stage are covered within our challenging Early Years Curriculum. Our wrap around care, in addition, offers fun, flexible and continuous care to support families within our local community.

Our Aims:

We work within the Early Years Foundation Stage: 

- To provide the community of Shefford with inclusive high quality Early Years education and Wrap Around Care. Where all members are respected and valued.

- To provide a safe, enabling, stimulating, caring and nurturing environment where children learn and develop.

- To provide children with a wide variety of challenging activities and opportunities to develop a life long love of learning.

- To support children as they learn and develop their communication and language, social skills, sharing, negotiating and understanding their own feelings and the feelings of others. We encourage their independence, confidence, resilience and self worth.

- To recognise children as individuals and value their uniqueness, responding to their interests and opinions and supporting their specific learning and developmental needs.

- To work in partnership with families, valuing families inputs and sharing insights of their child’s learning and development, working in partnership being approachable, friendly and knowledgeable.

- To proactively evaluate and reflect to improve the services we provide.

Our Ethos:

The evidence is widely acknowledged that the first 1001 days of a child life are the most crucial in terms if health and development. 

We spend quality time with each child and their family getting to know and understand them. Knowing the child enables us to support their individual learning and development needs allowing us to use what they already know to extend and challenge their learning experiences.

We maximise the opportunities available indoors, outdoors and within the local community to enhance children's interests, experiences, learning styles and levels of development. Children are encouraged  to explore the environments around them independently meaning they face challenges and take risks both physically and mentally, within a safe, supporting and nurturing environment. Enabling them to develop skills themselves, we believe that children’s confidence will grow and help them to become happy, confident and resilient individuals.

Working in partnership with families helps us to fully support children and their families through transitions, celebrations and events which may impact on the children.

The principles of British values are promoted through all the work we do. We participate and learn about different cultures, their festivals and customs and value the equality and diversity of the world around us.

The children take us to unexpected places, ones that we can build on, through high quality play and learning.