Our Aims, Ethos and Philosophy

Our Aims:

We work within the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. Our aims are:

- To provide the community of Shefford with inclusive high quality Pre-School education and Wrap Around Care. Where all members are heard, feel respected and valued as individuals, regardless of gender, culture, race, religion or ability.

- To provide a safe, fun, stimulating, caring and nurturing environment where children can learn through play based activities.

- To encourage children to take part in a wide variety of activities and provide high quality foundations in learning to help them develop a love of learning that will last a life time.

- To support children as they develop their social skills; sharing, negotiating and understanding their own and others' feelings. We support their growing independence, confidence and belief in themselves.

- To recognise children as individuals and value their uniqueness, responding to their interests and supporting their specific learning and developmental needs.

- To work in partnership with parents, valuing parents’ inputs and sharing insights of their child’s learning and development. To work in partnership with parent; being approachable, friendly.

- To continually evaluate and improve the service we provide.

Our Philosophy

By spending quality time with each child we get to know and understand them.

We follow each child’s interests individually, observing their play and extending their experiences.  We ensure we maximise the opportunities available indoors and outdoors to enhance their interests, their styles of learning and levels of development. We allow children to explore. We encourage them to face challenges and take risks both physically and mentally, within our safe and nurturing environment. Enabling them to develop skills themselves, we believe that children’s confidence will grow and help them to become happy, secure and resilient individuals.

We work in partnership with the families of our children. Our open-door policy helps us to support change at home and celebrate important events. We believe every child is an individual and hence promote multiculturalism. All children participate and learn about different cultures and their festivals. 

The children take us to unexpected places, ones that we can build on, through high quality play and learning.