Our Policies

Acorn Pre-School maintains a number of policies and procedures. A full copy of all our procedures can be viewed upon request. However a selection of our policies are listed and outlined below. Please contact us if you would like information on a specific policy which is not listed below.

1.3 Parental Involvement

1.4 Complaints

1.5 Whistleblowing

1.7 Fees

2.2 Student Placements

2.6 Supervision

2.7 Code of Conduct

2.8 Online Safety

1.2 Safeguarding Policy and Procedure

3.3 Looked after children

3.4 Confidentiality and Data handling

3.6 Missing Child

8.3b Outings and Visits

3.11 Key person and settling

3.14 Parental Code of Conduct

4.1 SEN

4.1 Valuing Diversity and Promoting Equality Policy

4.3 British Values

5.1 Administering Medicines

5.2 Managing Sick and Infectious Children

6.3 Recording and Reporting Incidents

5.7 Sun Protection Policy

5.9 Catering

5.12 Home Visits Procedure

Acheiving Positive Behaviour

Children's Rights and Entitlements Policy

1.4 Uncollected Child Policy

5.2 Staffing Policy and Procedure

6.4a Nappy Changing Policy

GDPR Data Retention

Privacy Notice

Confidentiality and Client Access Records