A Day At Acorn Pre-School

We recognise that every child is an individual with their own character, abilities, sense of humour and needs. We encourage them to reach their potential through a variety of activities.

Our sessions offer a range of activities, with specific learning aims, which children are able to choose from.  Our role play and Kasbar area's will stimulate your child’s imagination giving them a chance to role play along with small world paly such as garages, cars, construction toys, and animals. 

Our water, sand or messy play is always popular and we regularly rotate these to provide the children with different experiences. Painting and Playdough is always part of our sessions.

Children are given an opportunity at every session to join in an adult lead activity, whether it be sticking, planting, baking, cutting.

Our outdoor play area, equipped with trikes, cars and prams, provides an environment for our children to be more energetic. We also have digging pits filled with soil or rubber chippings  for the children to enjoy.

We have ‘show and tell’ at every session. The children are encouraged to bring in items from home which they can share and talk about to the staff and the other children.  Throughout the term we have different themes and this offers a great opportunity for the children to bring in items relating to the weeks theme.

  • What to wear
  • Refreshments
  • Parental Involvement

Acorn Pre-School t-shirts and sweatshirts are available to purchase, however these are not compulsory. It is important that your child wears clothes that are easy for them to manage by themselves and comfortable. We will encourage your children to explore and learn through activities and sometimes these activities can be messy.

Water is available throughout the sessions for the children to help themselves. We have a snack break every session where children are offered milk or water to drink and a healthy snack is provided.

We always enjoy parents being involved in their child's Pre-School sessions, we actively encourage parents to share with us their skills, interests or jobs. 

We have started to introduce more sessions where parents can be involved such as Christmas Sing Along, Mother's Day Afternoon Tea, Father's Day Breakfast and Stay and Play, World Book Day Reading, Graduation and many more to come.