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Leadership & Management

Acorn Pre-School & The Mighty Oaks is a registered charity. We are managed by a Voluntary Management Committee. The Committee is made up of the Manager and parents of children attending or have attended with Acorn or Mighty Oaks. The Management Committee have responsibility for all the operational and legal obligations: employing the staff and managing the day-to day running, including adherence to Ofsted regulations and Government legislation.

Chairperson:  Jacqui Lewis

Has been in post since May 2013.  Her child attended Acorn and now attends Mighty Oaks. 

Treasurer and Secretary: Caroline Tudge
Has been in post since October 2016 and has been a member of the Committee since then.  Her 2 children have attended Acorn and currently attend Mighty Oaks.
Staff member: Lyndsey Black, Manager.
General members: Joanne Daniels and Laura Sharpes. They both have children attending Acorn 
We are governed by a legally binding constitution. It is our governing document. It explains how the Committee must operate and what we do. 
Charity Commission
We are registered with the charity commission. Our Charity Number is 1042353.

We are registered with OFSTED, our OFSTED number is EY371758

Early Years Alliance
We are a member of Early Years Alliance and our membership number is 1580.

We hold around 10 Meetings a year.  We look to hold open meetings throughout the year, for all parents to attend. We hold an Annual General Meeting in October each year, to which all parents and the local community are invited.



  • Management Committee
  • Finances
  • Chairperson
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Health & Safety Officer
  • General Members
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  1. Are collectively responsible for managing Acorn Pre-School & The Mighty Oaks.
  2. Must be transparent and accountable
  3. Must appoint a Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer and a Health and Safety Officer. The people holding these positions must be DBS checked and approved by OFSTED.
  4. Must be aware of and comply with current legislation.
  5. Must support and comply with the aims, principles and policies of Acorn Pre-School & The Mighty Oaks.
  6. Must act in accordance with the terms of the constitution.
  7. Must do their best to ensure the financial stability of Acorn Pre-School & The Mighty Oaks.
  8. Must try and recruit future members.
  9. Committee members are responsible for organising, preparing and supporting fundraising events.

Acorn Pre-School & The Mighty Oaks employ a Business / Administrator who reports directly to the Committee and deals with the day to day finances and accounts.

As a charity and not-for-profit organisation, all of our finances are used for the benefit of the children who attend. However, we do hold a contingency fund in line with charity law.

Volunteers are welcome to claim back relevant and legitimate expenses authorised by the Committee Chair / Pre-School Manager.

We hold a variety of fundraising events each year, new suggestions are always welcome. Committee members are responsible for organising, preparing, supporting fundraising events.

  1. Ensure roles, duties and legal obligations are understood and adhered to. Ensure compliance with national standards.
  2. Ensure budgets, business or operational plans are prepared, adhered to and kept under review.
  3. To be the principle liaison with staff and other external organisations.
  4. To be the driving force behind fundraising activities.
  1. To be a signatory on the bank account.
  2. To work with the Administrator, Manager and Chairperson to prepare and set budgets, oversea financial reporting and to be a watchdog over all aspects of financial management.
  3. Assist with fundraising.
  1. To arrange and administer meetings in conjunction with the Chairperson, circulating papers prior to meeting, draft minutes, ensure meetings are properly governed and letter writing.
  2. Assist with fundraising.
  1. To attend school and review the accident and incident book and to complete the health and safety checklist at required intervals.
  2. Assist with fundraising.
  1. To support the officers, carry out executive duties for special events and fundraising activities, propose activities, new policies and any other matters.
  2. To work in partnership with staff and support their professional expertise.

You can contact a member of the Committee by emailing: 


Speak to a member of staff at Acorn Pre-School or Mighty Oaks 

By attending a Committee Meeting 

There is also a member of the Committee at all our events and social occasions.